Announcing the release of our 40" Extra XL kit and accessories .

Announcing the release of our 30" 3D Delta XL kit and accessories .

I'm working on updating the instructions online. So far I have done the BluFO, 40" Yak55 XL, 3D Delta V2 and 32" Extra instructions. The Extra had been a placeholder for a while and now reflects the paper instructions. The 3D Delta V2 is new. As always, click on the pictures to get a larger color version which helps for details.

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Real Flight models of our BluFO and our Yak55 have been uploaded to the Knife Edge Software site

Due to an increase in our wholesale prices, we have had to raise our Beacon Foam-Tac prices.

We're Still Shipping Orders!

Just wanted to let people know that while many things are closed down at the moment, being a home-based small business, we are still open. We are using package pick up to avoid outside contact which does add an additional day to our shipping but things are in stock and being shipped regularly.

To quote a great man:
Build something, fly something, and enjoy this great R/C Hobby! - Michael Crash Hancock

With the ongoing cancellations for 2020, I'm just going to remove my event schedule for this year until things open up.

Jason Cline (BrownEyedFool) maidening his 40" Yak55 XL recently.

Announcing the release of our 40" Yak55 XL kit and accessories . Available in all the standard colors of our 32" and 22" kits.

(Please have patience while we ramp up inventory in the first weeks.)

Chris Reibert did a nice review of our 32" EPP Extra kit. Looks great Chris! #racores

Our R/C Combat Gremlins Product Line has been discontinued.