The CrashCast Posted Monday January 16, 2012, Episode 147 of TheCrashCast contained an impromptu segment on the Gremlin. One of my customers in Australia wrote in and it turns out the host, Mike "Crash" Hancock, is a long time Gremlin pilot and they took a trip down memory lane. Now Crash is going to do a segment on the Mini in March 2012 and hold a contest to give away a kit at the end of the month. He plans on flying a couple of the Minis in the full contact combat sessions at SEFF 2012. In Episode 152 I was interviewed and we rambled on and covered how I got started in the hobby, where the Gremlin came from and what RA Cores has been up to these last 20 years and where we seem to be headed. Be sure to check out his March podcasts with the build log of his Minis and for how to qualify for the Mini Gremlin kit giveaway. Most recently I was interviewed in Episode 216 about the new product releases I have coming out this summer.

Episode 147 An edited copy of the impromptu Gremlin lovefest - 20 minutes
Episode 152 An edited copy of the full interview/history - 60 minutes

Hobby King has interviewed us at Joe Nall, WRAM Show and SEFF. Those interviews can be found in this playlist.

We have published a couple of articles in R/C Soaring Digest on being a first time contest CD as well as an article on Low cost foam wing cores.